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florida keys nyc

we make records in ridgewood, queens; florida keys of new york city.

1820 Bleecker St, 2nd Floor * Ridgewood, NY 11385 | | L to Dekalb, M to Seneca

Control Room ~250 ft2; good sounding, adjacent to roof deck, has colorful jesus
Big Room ~600 ft2; live-ish; ceiling ranges from 14' to 11'
Booth ~150 ft2; very dead
Kitchen ~250 ft2; live. convenient to track guitar overdubs in
Neotek Series II 32 inputs, 28 with EQs/pres. We have equipped ours with an Enya button.
Otari MTR-90 MKII 24 tk. 2" New rollers, new tension arms, new lifter sleeves. Usually run 15ips CCIR.
Pro Tools HD w/ Lynx Aurora 16 converters The same thing everyone else has.
Ampex ATR-104 1/2" This is our 2-track deck. All four channels have been Spitzified. We own 4-track heads but have never used them.
Pioneer RT-707 1/4" This is our go-to deck for tape echo, out of tune tape loops, and for listening to Jesus recordings from the 70s.
Assorted Weird Things A cassette 8-track 7-track, dictaphones, old samplers...
B&W 805S They don't sound like a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier like many other studio monitors.
BeyerDynamic M-88 (2) Fantastic dynamic mic
Audio-Technca ATM450 (6) Side address, small-diaphragm condenser
Audio-Technca Pro 37R (2) Small-diaphragm condenser
AKG 451 (4) Small-diaphragm condenser. These are the real ones, not the new ones. We have an omni pair and a cardioid pair.
AKG D-112 (1)
Sennheiser 421 (2)
Crown GLM-100 (1)
Audio Technica 4060 (1) A nice large diaphragm tube mic
Assorted random dynamic mics Mostly by Shure
Normaphone Jensen Pres Retardedly nice preamps Greg Norman from Electrical Audio made for us.
Skibbe Electronics LA-2A An awesome tube opto-compressor Bill Skibbe made for us.
RNCs They are named Really Nice Compressors and they are.
RNLA These are named Really Nice Leveling Amps.
Valley People Dynamite A wild compressor/gate.
Drawmer Gates (4) Really good gates.
Ashley Gates (4) Really okay gates.
Allison Labs Filter Wild filter
Autek Filter Wildest filter
Intersound IVP Very powerful EQ/instrument preamp with unique distortion channel
Altiverb Reverb plug-in Expensive-sounding digital reverb
Ibanez 405 and 400 Analog rack effects-- compressor, eq, delay, phaser, etc. All weird/cool sounding.
Digitech IPS-33b A very cool pitch-shifter / delay.
Furman RV-1 Spring Reverb This has a limiter and an EQ in it; it also sounds great.
Assorted digital reverbs and multi-fx units I have been buying too many of these. Yamaha Rev 7, Roland SRV-2000, Sony DPS-V55, etc.
More stuff There are other things as well, but you get the idea.
We have a ton of guitars, amps and drums lying around, a bunch of samplers, a few synths. We encourage you to bring your own stuff, though. It's your record-- oughtn't it sound like you? We have a very nice baby grand piano in the apartment next door, to which we have tie-lines connected. If you need to use it, let us know.
Our day rate is $450. When the Forms are on tour, we might work something out for unattended sessions. Email us.
Recent Projects